The beauty of red walls

Red walls can be bold, vivacious, classic … but the downside is that a red wall is difficult to decorate around! You have seen many images of red walls and like all of us you fell in love with the idea and you have the perfect room to try this look. But now what? Painting a wall red is a bold move and while you’re painting it you start to wonder if you made a mistake. The cost of paint is probably the same as any other paint but decorating costs around a red wall is going to get expensive. Here are some ideas that will help bring your “red room” to life. Red walls create a striking backdrop for an eclectic collection of artwork. This is also a great way to tone down the red a bit — the frames will cover up some of the surface area, leaving just enough red exposed to be exciting without overwhelming your space. Black and white. What will go with your red art wall? Try white upholstered furniture, a crisp black and white rug, and simple white curtains. Tie in the wall color by choosing toss pillows covered in interesting textiles with a bit of red in them — perhaps made from pieces of an old kilim rug or sari silk. White and blue. Red, white and blue can read as all-American or a nod to the French —either way, this color combo is undeniably chic. Take a cue from Redwalls2the dining space shown here and pair a modern light fixture and chairs in white with red walls and blue cushions. For a more relaxed take on the red, white and blue scheme, add a weathered farm table, simple wicker chairs and a plate rack filled with blue and white dishes.

Design dilemma: accent wall or all red? As a rule of thumb, large rooms, open floor plans and kids’ spaces can benefit from a little more white space. Define a nook or an alcove with red paint and leave the rest crisp white. Small, cozy dining rooms and studies are better able to handle four walls of red.
Redwalls1Beige and orange. When a comfortable, cozy look is what you want, turn to natural shades of orange (with a little brown in them), beige and off-white. Pair these warm tones with rich red walls and natural fibers.
Oriental or kilim rug. These rugs tend to include red, making them a natural choice for a room with painted red walls. Roll out a plush Oriental rug or flat-weave kilim in shades of red and blue or brown, and your red walls will instantly feel more settled in.
Chocolate, black and gold. Try a plush chocolate-colored sofa, lamps with black parchment shades, and picture frames and mirrors in either black or gold (or a mix). On the floor you could go with either a traditional rug in red tones or keep it simple with a natural-fiber rug.